Equity News

Returns news data attached to a specific company/equity.

GET /content/news

news_source_idqueryintegerFilter by news source
start_datequerydatetimeFetch news published on or after this date (defaults to 12 weeks ago)
end_datequerydatetimeFetch news published on or before this date (defaults to today)
bloomberg_tickerquerystringFilter news to 1+ bloomberg tickers (comma-separated)
isinquerystringFilter news to 1+ ISINs (comma-separated)
permidquerystringFilter news to 1+ PermIDs (comma-separated)
ricquerystringFilter news to 1+ Reuters/Refinitiv RICs (comma-separated)
tickerquerystringFilter news to 1+ tickers (comma-separated)
from_idqueryintegerContent ID from which to return news (combine with size for pagination)
from_indexqueryintegerThe index from which to return news (combine with size for pagination)
sizequeryintegerThe number of news to return


  • You must include one of the equity identifiers to get results (bloomberg_ticker, isin, ric, permid, or ticker)
  • Only one of the equity identifiers (bloomberg_ticker, isin, ric, permid, or ticker) should be used per request. Using multiple equity identifier query parameters will end up resolving only one of them.


    "content_id": 9209200,
    "title": "Amazon is piling ads into search results and top consumer brands are paying up for prominent placement",
    "news_source_id": 90,
    "news_source": "CNBC",
    "published_date": "2021-09-19T08:36:43",
    "url": "[0]=nws|9209200"
    "content_id": 9156876,
    "title": "Amazon is planning a beauty products event for October to hook early holiday shoppers",
    "news_source_id": 90,
    "news_source": "CNBC",
    "published_date": "2021-09-15T14:10:38",
    "url": "[0]=nws|9156876"
    "content_id": 9114259,
    "title": "Savings app Acorns hires former Amazon executive as president, says crypto investing is coming",
    "news_source_id": 90,
    "news_source": "CNBC",
    "published_date": "2021-09-15T09:00:06",
    "url": "[0]=nws|9114259"

Code Samples


curl --request GET \
  --url '' \
  --header 'X-API-Key: xxx'


import requests
requests.get("", headers={"X-API-Key": "xxx"})
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