Find events

Fetch events by ticker, date range, etc.

GET /events-v2

modified_sincequerydatetimeReturns events modified since this date
event_typequerystringFilter by: earnings, earnings_release, presentation, investor_meeting, special_situation (comma-separated)
start_datequerydatetimeFetch events on or after this date (defaults to 2 weeks ago)
end_datequerydatetimeFetch events on or before this date (defaults to 2 weeks from now)
equity_idqueryintegerFilter events to the equity ID provided
company_idqueryintegerFilter events to the company ID provided
bloomberg_tickerquerystringFilter events to 1+ bloomberg tickers (comma-separated)
isinquerystringFilter events to 1+ ISINs (comma-separated)
permidquerystringFilter events to 1+ PermIDs (comma-separated)
ricquerystringFilter events to 1+ Reuters/Refinitiv RICs (comma-separated)
tickerquerystringFilter events to 1+ tickers (comma-separated)
sector_idqueryintegerFilter events to a specific sector ID
subsector_idqueryintegerFilter events to a specific subsector ID
event_idsquerystringFilter events to 1+ event IDs (comma-separated)
expected_languagequerystringFilter events to a specific expected language
with_transcriptsquerybooleanWhether to include only events with transcripts
with_pricingquerybooleanWhether to include only events with pricing data
include_deletedquerybooleanWhether to include deleted event records (for reconciliation)
include_connection_detailquerybooleanWhether to include connection detail
include_hierarchyquerybooleanWhether to include event hierarchy detail
exclude_duplicatesquerybooleanWhether to exclude any duplicated events
linguisticsquerybooleanWhether to include linguistics metadata in the response
pricingquerybooleanWhether to include price reaction information
simplifiedquerybooleanWhether to simplify the payload response and avoid data enrichment
pagequeryintegerThe page of results to return
page_sizequeryintegerThe size of pages to return (default: 100, max: 2500)
sort_keyquerystringSort by event_id_asc, event_id_desc, event_date_asc (default), and event_date_desc


  • modified_since can be used to synchronize with an external system
  • All dates (event_date, created, modified) are in Eastern Time (America/New_York timezone) and formatted in ISO 8601
  • Only one of the equity identifiers (bloomberg_ticker, isin, ric, permid, or ticker) should be used per request. Using multiple equity identifier query parameters will end up resolving only one of them.

Setting the simplified flag to true will significantly speed-up query performance, but also nullify the following enriched fields:

  • has_unknown_time
  • connection_expected
  • is_live
  • machine_published
  • human_verified
  • slides_url
  • press_url
  • public_url
  • live_asr_provider
  • transcription_audio_url
  • audio_offset_start
  • audio_offset_end
  • audio_stream_url
  • has_transcripts
  • has_api_transcript
  • has_pricing
  • connection_detail
  • event_tags
  • grouping
  • price_data
  • linguistics


    "params": {
        "start_date": "2024-05-01T00:00:00",
        "end_date": "2024-05-02T23:59:59",
        "equity_id": 1
    "pagination": {
        "total_count": 1735,
        "current_page": 1,
        "total_pages": 18,
        "page_size": 100
    "data": [
        "event_id": 2270838,
        "equity_id": 1,
        "company_id": 1,
        "ticker": "AMZN:US",
        "local_ticker": "AMZN",
        "bloomberg_ticker": "AMZN:US",
        "ric": "AMZN.OQ",
        "permid": "4295905494",
        "isin": "US0231351067",
        "exchange_mic": "XNAS",
        "sector_id": 1,
        "subsector_id": 21,
        "primary_equity": true,
        "title": "Q3 2022 Inc Earnings Call",
        "event_type": "earnings",
        "event_date": "2022-10-27T17:30:00-04:00",
        "expected_language": "en",
        "accuracy_review": "verified",
        "has_unknown_time": false,
        "connection_expected": true,
        "fiscal_year": 2022,
        "fiscal_quarter": 3,
        "broadcast_url": "",
        "replay_url": "",
        "slides_url": "",
        "press_url": "",
        "public_url": "",
        "live_asr_provider": "aiera",
        "transcription_status": "published",
        "transcription_audio_url": "",
        "transcription_audio_offset_seconds": 0,
        "audio_offset_start": 0,
        "audio_offset_end": 19284,
        "audio_stream_url": "",
        "has_transcripts": true,
        "has_pricing": true,
        "duplicate_of": null,
        "corporate_activity_id": "42b11d4e-9d81-11ee-a86d-040106a3ab01",
        "hierarchy": {
            "parent_event": 123456,
            "child_event": 234567
        "grouping": {
            "grouping_id": 12345,
            "grouping_name": "Sellside Technology Conference"
        "status": "active",
        "created": "2022-10-14T02:03:13-04:00",
        "modified": "2022-10-28T03:07:31-04:00",
        "linguistics": {
          "summaries": [
              "title": "Amazon Reports on Prime Day, NFL Thursday Night Football, and Capital Investments for 2022",
              "summary": [
                "Dave Fildes, Vice President of Investor Relations, reported that Amazon had a successful third quarter with worldwide net sales increasing 19% year-over-year. Prime Day and NFL Thursday Night Football were two major events that drove growth during the quarter. Operating income was $2.5 billion and net income was $2.9 billion, which included a pretax valuation gain of $1.1 billion from an investment in Rivian Automotive.",
                "Amazon expects to spend approximately $60 billion in capital investments for the full year 2022, which is a reduction of $10 billion from last year. This decrease is offset by a $10 billion increase in technology infrastructure investments to support AWS growth. Due to macroeconomic issues such as inflation and rising energy costs, Amazon is taking actions such as pausing hiring in certain businesses and winding down products and services in order to strike the right balance between investing for customers and driving operational efficiency improvements. Amazon is focused on providing the best customer experience and believes that this is the only reliable way to create lasting value for shareholders."
              "model": "zeroshot",
              "type": "presentation",
              "audio_clip": "",
              "video_clip": "",
              "priority": 2,
              "created": "2023-03-24T17:35:23",
              "modified": "2023-03-24T18:28:52"
          "topics": [
              "topic_id": 2544,
              "topic": "AWS",
              "priority": 1,
              "events": null
              "topic_id": 15288,
              "topic": "Prime",
              "priority": 2,
              "events": null
              "topic_id": 93,
              "topic": "Inflation",
              "priority": 3,
              "events": null
              "topic_id": 765,
              "topic": "North America",
              "priority": 4,
              "events": null
              "topic_id": 1995,
              "topic": "Advertising",
              "priority": 5,
              "events": null
              "topic_id": 61,
              "topic": "Supply Chain",
              "priority": 6,
              "events": null
              "topic_id": 22,
              "topic": "Cash Flow",
              "priority": 7,
              "events": null
              "topic_id": 556490,
              "topic": "Graviton",
              "priority": 8,
              "events": null
              "topic_id": 9192,
              "topic": "Acquisition",
              "priority": 9,
              "events": null
              "topic_id": 516645,
              "topic": "EC2",
              "priority": 10,
              "events": null
          "auto_tags": [
             "Guidance Change",
             "Expense Forecast",
             "Revenue Miss"
          "sentiment": {
            "average": 0.19124993989746902,
            "median": 0.21317552693208427,
            "minimum": -0.7531,
            "maximum": 0.9274

Code Samples


curl --request GET \
  --url '' \
  --header 'X-API-Key: xxx'


import requests
requests.request("GET", "", headers={"X-API-Key": "xxx"})