Tonal Sentiment

Export tonal sentiment to csv. Each fetch returns max 1000 rows, so to fetch all of the data paging is required. Use the size and from_index parameters to iterate through the result set.

GET /events-v2/tonal/export/csv

sizequeryintegerHow many lines of the csv to return - max 1000
bloomberg_tickerquerystringFilter events to 1+ bloomberg tickers (comma-separated)
isinquerystringFilter events to 1+ ISINs (comma-separated)
permidquerystringFilter events to 1+ PermIDs (comma-separated)
ricquerystringFilter events to 1+ Reuters/Refinitiv RICs (comma-separated)
tickerquerystringFilter events to 1+ tickers (comma-separated)
from_indexqueryintegerThe index to start from, for paging
watchlist_idqueryintegerFilter results by a specific watchlist

Response Format

Event Level Data

isinstringISIN identifier
gics_sub_sectorstringEquity subsector
gics_sectorstringEquity sector
event_typestringType of event (e.g. earnings)
event_topic_idslist[int]Topic ids
titlestringEvent title
tickerstringBloomberg ticker
event_datedateDate of event
event_idintEvent identifier
created_timedateDate of analysis

Statement Level Data

statementstringStatement text (representative - may not include full text)
tonal_sentimentfloatValue of tonal sentiment for this statement
topic_idslist[number]Topic ids
statement_idintIdentifier for the specific statement in the event
speaker_idintSpeaker ID
timestampintTimestamp of the statement in the event
speaker_namestringSpeaker name
text_sentimentfloatValue of textual sentiment for the statement


1957675,Q4 2021 Golub Capital BDC Inc Earnings Call,2021-11-30T13:00:00-05:00,earnings,GBDC,US38173M1027,Financials,Asset Management & Custody Banks,2021-11-30T18:03:01-05:00,"['914', '11', '233111', '167749', '61', '53171897', '12824', '17861561', '191165']","['NII', 'COVID', 'Events Presentations', 'Merger', 'Supply Chain', 'SBIC VI', '85X', 'Prequin', 'Barley']",1518034,David B. Golub,"Honestly, we don't really think about those 2 as related. And I think it's premature to be looking at the spreads from calendar Q3 and thinking that, that represents a meaningful change from prior periods. My sense is that spreads are reasonably stable, and this is more a mix issue than a spread issue. So I do think it makes sense. And we talked about it in our prepared remarks. I do think it makes sense for GBDC to take on some more assets. We're now running at a 1:1 debt-to-equity ratio. I think that's lighter than optimal. And I think when we do that, we'll be very much in the catch-up, which I like to be in because it provides a lot of safety around dividend coverage of the -- of NII per share. So I think we're in very good shape on where we're headed from a leverage standpoint, a bit higher than the 1:1 that we're at right now, but not too much higher. And I think that puts us in a very good position from an ROE and a return on net investment income standpoint.",2273849,['914'],['NII'],-1.0844,0.2842

Code Samples


curl --request GET \
  --url 'https://premium.aiera.com/api/events/tonal/export/csv' \
  --header 'X-API-Key: xxx'


import requests
requests.get("https://premium.aiera.com/api/events/tonal/export/csv", headers={"X-API-Key": "xxx"})
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