Get Transcripts

Returns the available transcripts for an event

GET /events-v2/{event_id}/transcript

event_idpathintegerThe event id for which to fetch the transcripts
modified_sincequerydatetimeReturns transcripts modified since this date
linguisticsquerybooleanWhether to include linguistics metadata in the response
pricingquerybooleanWhether to include price reaction information
improved_onlyquerybooleanWhether or not to only return the post-realtime improved transcripts
include_deletedquerybooleanWhether or not to include deleted transcripts
include_everythingquerybooleanWhether or not to include any transcripts, regardless of offset (if available)
include_tagsquerybooleanWhether or not to include transcript tagging (presentation, Q&A, etc)
word_offsetsquerybooleanWhether to include word-by-word durations and offsets


  • modified_since Can be used to continually fetch just the newer transcripts during a live event.


		"transcript_item_id": 99350456,
		"transcript": "Our guidance incorporates the order trends that we've seen to date and what we believe today to be appropriate assumptions. Our results are inherently unpredictable and maybe materially affected by many factors, including uncertainty regarding the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic fluctuations in foreign exchange rates changes in global economic and geopolitical conditions and customer.",
		"timestamp": "2022-10-27T17:33:30-04:00",
		"start_ms": 60218,
		"duration_ms": 20300,
        "speaker_id": 1058672,
        "speaker_type": "dia",
        "speaker_name": "John Doe",
        "speaker_title": "President",
        "person_id": 12345,
        "original": "with 60% unhedged in the second half of 2023. This provides us with significant exposure to a rising oil price environment.",
        "is_translated": false,
		"audio_url": "",
        "is_improved": false,
        "is_edited": false,
        "tags": {
            "section": "presentation",
            "is_presentation": true,
            "is_question": false,
            "is_answer": false,
            "is_disclosure": false
        "status": "active",
		"modified": "2022-10-27T18:31:55",
		"linguistics": {
            "summaries": [
					"title": null,
					"summary": [
						"Guidance incorporates order trends, and results are inherently unpredictable."
					"model": "zeroshot",
                    "type": "presentation",
                    "version": "published",
                    "audio_clip": null,
                    "video_clip": null,
                    "priority": 4,
                    "created": "2024-01-12T09:47:05",
                    "modified": "2024-01-28T19:19:38"
			"topics": [
					"topic_id": 11,
					"topic": "COVID",
					"priority": 1
            "auto_tags": [
                "Guidance Change",
                "Expense Forecast",
                "Revenue Miss"
			"sentiment": {
				"average": -0.2294,
				"median": -0.4588
			"sentiment_breakouts": [
					"start_offset": 0,
					"end_offset": 123,
					"sentiment": 0.0
					"start_offset": 124,
					"end_offset": 388,
					"sentiment": -0.4588
        "price_data": {
            "after_transcript": {
                "trade_time": "2023-02-07T17:54:39",
                "price": 267.96,
                "volume": 50549569

Code Samples


curl --request GET \
  --url '{event_id}/transcript' \
  --header 'X-API-Key: xxx'


import requests
requests.get("{event_id}/transcript", headers={"X-API-Key": "xxx"})
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